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Vella Cheese Products


cheese and graterOur Bear Flag Brand Promise

We never use
animal rennet.

Consistent with quality
and flavor, we use the minimum amount of salt, about 1percent by volume.

All of our cheeses are hand made, hand cut, and shipped by approximate weight. You will receive storage instructions for each cheese you purchase.

Gift Boxes with our special gift card

New: 2013 Gold Medal Box

Try a selection of half pound wedges of our 2013 Gold Medal winners:
Daisy Cheddar with Jalapeños, Special Select Dry Jack, Asiago, and
Mezzo Secco.

Variety Packs
Half Wheel of Original or Seasoned High Moisture Monterey Jack &
a large Italian Dry Salame

Box of Jacks
Half pound blocks of each of these: Regular, Pesto, Jalapeño, & Garlic Original High Moisture Jack Cheese

Small ItalianSmall Italian
Half pound wedges of each of these: Original Monterey Jack, Mezzo Secco and Regular Dry Monterey Jack with a secchi salami and crackers.

Half pound wedges of each of these: Toma, Rosemary Jack and Italian Style Table Cheese, plus 4.4 oz. Barnier Olives, a Dry Italian Salame, and a 2 oz. box of Wisecrackers

A Bit of Everything
Half pound wedges of each of these: Mezzo Secco, Regular Dry Jack, Italian Style Table Cheese, Asiago, High Moisture Monterey Jack, and Daisy Cheddar

Original Jack | Dry Jack | Italian | Cheddar | Gift Boxes | Salame


Our Cheeses


High Moisture Jack Cheeses

Original High Moisture Monterey Jack

Naturally Seasoned Monterey Jack


Dry Jack Cheeses

Partially Dry Jack

Mezzo Secco & Oro Secco

Dry Monterey Jack
Regular, Special Select, and Golden Bear

Habañero Dry Jack

Cheddar Cheeses

Daisy Cheddar

Daisy Cheddar with Jalapeños

Sharp White Cheddar


Italian Style Cheeses


Italian Style Table Cheese


Romanello Dolce




Secchi salame

Dry Italian Salame

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